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Want Disney+ bundle, but not the ads with Hulu? Here’s how to do it

Disney+ is finally out in the wild so we can catch-up on so many favorite Disney classics, Marvel hits, the Star Wars saga, and much more. Disney is also offering the chance to get its new streaming service bundled with Hulu and ESPN+ — which is a great deal at $ 13 per month. However, if you sign-up for this bundle, the Hulu you get will be the ad-supported version. So, if you prefer your Hulu minus the  [Read More…]

Disney Plus Pricing, Bundles & Deals: How to get a free year

The wait is finally over, and the long-anticipated Disney Plus (or Disney+) streaming service is finally available. It enters a space that’s already pretty crowded, but stands out thanks to its unique family-friendly offerings that include titles not only from Disney itself, but also Start Wars, Marvel, National Geographic, and more. It may not directly compete with services like Netflix and Prime Video, but the number of Disney Plus shows that are available makes it worth checking out.

  [Read More…]

What age should children get their first phone?

One of the most popular questions we get from friends, family, and readers is, “how old should my child be before I get them a phone?”

Given that smartphones have been around more than a decade you’d think we would have that answer by now. Alas, there’s no age that we can point to that says a child is ready to have a phone.

A recent study finds that more than half of all kids have a smartphone by the  [Read More…]

U.S. antitrust probe into Google may expand to Android and Google Search

The attorneys general are said to be drawing up subpoenas to support their investigations.

What you need to know U.S. states’ combined antitrust investigation into Google may be set to increase in its scope dramatically. A new report claims the 50 attorneys general conducting the probe may also scrutinize the tech giant’s Android and search businesses. The proceedings have, so far, been restricted to the company’s advertising business.

Just two months after 50 state attorneys general announced  [Read More…]

Google wants to be your speech coach

How do you pronounce quokka?

What you need to know Google Search has a new feature that’ll help you not only find the definitions of ‘big’ words but also learn how to pronounce them. It’ll let you try to pronounce the word in question and then give feedback on what mistakes you might be making, a bit like a virtual speech coach. The company also wants to help you retain the meanings of words better by including  [Read More…]

Insane price alert! Pay just $39 for lifetime 2TB ThunderDrive cloud storage

Here’s a question for you: where do you keep your music, important photos, and documents? Please tell us that you’re not storing it in one place.

Smart people backup files to at least one other place. Really smart people keep things in a variety of spots. Google Drive and Google Photos are convenient and really helpful, but it’s not without potential problems or hiccups.

What happens when you get close to filling up your allotted storage space? Before you break  [Read More…]

Should you buy a Moto X4 in 2019?

Best answer: The Moto X4 has proven to be a great phone over the last couple of years, but in 2019, it’s no longer our go-to recommendation. Instead, we think you’re better off with something like the Moto G7 or Nokia 7.2.

Everything you need: Moto G7 ($ 300 at Amazon) HDR display: Nokia 7.2 ($ 349 at Amazon) The Moto X4 is quickly reaching its end of life

Although it’s hard to believe, the Moto X4  [Read More…]

Does your Disney+ stream keep buffering? Try these fixes for better video

Finally, Disney+ is here and we can now watch all of our favorite classic Disney films, as well as other content from Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel, National Geographic, and Fox, all in one place. Disney+ is still in its infancy though, so it’s not uncommon to see playback issues, such as buffering, while watching your shows and movies. Luckily there’s something you can do about it.

Make sure your Internet speeds meet the minimum requirements

Quality of video played  [Read More…]

Google adds RCS to Android Messages app for all US users

Google on Thursday announced that it has begun deploying Google-operated RCS for its Messages app for Android. The feature will be “broadly” available to Android users by the end of 2019.

Similar to Apple’s iMessage, RCS lets Android users send and receive high-resolution photos and videos as well as see if recipients have read your message.

When you and your friends message each other with these chat features, you can chat over Wi-Fi or mobile data, send and receive high-resolution  [Read More…]

Amazon’s new Echo Dot crushes the Google Home Mini

With hundreds of hours of smart speaker testing under our collective belts, we can confidently recommend the best hardware and software for your needs.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd gen)

Tiny and LOUD

$ 50 at Amazon

Pros Incredibly good speakers for its size Great microphones 3.5mm output for bigger speakers Cons Alexa isn’t the best system out there

Amazon has refined its smart speaker design and doubled down on audio quality to make a great  [Read More…]