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Localphone – Cheap International Calls & Texts – $5 Free Credit – Voucher Code LPCDEL14

A Couple of month ago, I was looking for a solution to reduce my international calls and came across a company called Localphone. I had been using SkypeOut and Google Voice which were already really cheap but Localphone to my surprise managed to go even lower and really beats their prices hands down!

Localphone is also offering discounts on a regular basis and  [Read More...]

10 things to know about the Motorola Droid Turbo

Get to know the ins and outs of this year’s flagship Droid phone

The Droid line on Verizon is synonymous with power, features, and hyped-up branding — and the latest flagship in the line, the Droid Turbo from Motorola, is no exception. Like a Moto X with every spec bump imaginable, the Droid Turbo has a higher resolution screen, faster processor, more RAM, a bigger camera, gigantic battery, wireless charging, more storage and a Kevlar casing.  [Read More...]

Amazon releases sizeable update for its Fire phone


Amazon released a slew of updates to its Fire phone and it is for both the unlocked and AT&T models.  The AT&T Fire phone will upgrade to software version 3.6.5 and the unlocked GSM model moves to 3.6.8.  The Fire phone should update on its own when you are connected wirelessly.  But if some reason you aren’t wireless, you can upgrade the phone with a  [Read More...]

Amazon is rolling out a major update to its Fire Phone smartphone. The update is hitting both the AT&T model as well as the unlocked GSM edition. Amazon promises an improved camera experience, support for more keyboard languages, call blocking, custom ringtones, and improved battery life among the improvements featured in this update.

As a secret feature tucked inside the Google Maps update for Android, Google announced that you can now use Google Cardboard to get a 3D virtual reality view of Street View in the app. To get the feature, you need to launch Street View in Google Maps, double tap the circle with the arrows in the lower right, and then pan around.

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Fitbit Surge now in stock at REI online store

After initially being offered up to a select few preorder customers, and then making an appearance on Amazon, it looks like you can officially grab a Fitbit Surge of your own from at least one more store. The Surge appears to be in stock from the outdoor-enthusiast store REI (at least online) for a cool $ 250.

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Verizon updates Galaxy S5 with VPN, SD card fixes

If you’re currently sporting a Galaxy S5 on Verizon, you can look forward to a small update today. While it certainly isn’t any Lollipop, the update does squash a couple of bugs concerning VPN connectivity and SD card errors.

Weekly Photo Contest: Sparkle

No matter the situation, our eyes are always drawn to flashy and bright things. That’s particularly true this time of year, with holiday decorations in full force throughout December. That’s why we’re going with the prompt “sparkle” this week, and we’re sure there will be no shortage of subject matter for you to shoot in the coming days.

In hopes of brightening up the holidays for the winners, we’re picking two pictures this week to each  [Read More...]

SimCity BuildIt

The next release in the well-known SimCity series is available through the Google Play Store, as of December 8th.

The formula here remains unchanged: you are the mayor of your own city and can shape it at your own will by creating buildings, businesses, residential districts, and so forth. Nonetheless, this is all done in “3D-quality graphics” for mobile devices, making it “the most  [Read More...]

We’re back to Wednesday already, and that means it’s time to announce the winner of the last weekly photo contest. Once again we put ourselves in a tough spot by having just one prize to give away, increasing the competition, but in the end we’re happy with our decision. Read along and see our winner this week.

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Motorola is showcasing the Moto X‘s camera capabilities in a new video. Using a drone, Motorola mounted the 2014 Moto X onto the flying aircraft to capture stunning UHD 4K imagery of the San Francisco Bay using the Moto X’s rear-facing camera.