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Localphone – Cheap International Calls & Texts – $5 Free Credit – Voucher Code LPCDEL14

A Couple of month ago, I was looking for a solution to reduce my international calls and came across a company called Localphone. I had been using SkypeOut and Google Voice which were already really cheap but Localphone to my surprise managed to go even lower and really beats their prices hands down!

Localphone is also offering discounts on a regular basis and  [Read More...]

This is T-Mobile’s other commercial for Super Bowl XLIX. The other features noted famous person Kim Kardashian, and there’s also an online-only ad with a vulture. Needless to say, T-Mobile’s going for the Curly Howard Trophy for this year’s Super Bowl commercials. And I don’t know about you, but I get terrible Wi-Fi reception in my subterranean butcher shop.

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360 Security – Antivirus Boost: Review

360 Security antivirusOne thing that is getting more and more necessary on our Android devices is the need for mobile security protection. According to a Forbes article from 2014, 97% of mobile malware targets Android devices, whereas iOS malware takes less than 1% of the share. This is most likely due to the fact that Android applications can be downloaded from third-party sources and not just from the Google  [Read More...]

ZENS Qi Wireless 4500mAh Power Bank review

Power for your pockets

External battery packs are something most smartphone users take for granted. They’re not glamorous accessories like cases or headphones or car mounts, but they’re important. When you’re running out of battery while running through the airport trying to catch your connecting flight because your first flight was stuck on the tarmac for three hours, having a battery pack that is not only dependable but easy to use on the go is not  [Read More...]

At least we hope that’s what the Google+ notification icon dude is doing, seeing as how it’s the final game of the NFL season and everything.

Thinking about getting a Blu Vivo Air? Here’s what you need to know

So you’re wondering if the Blu Vivo Air is the right phone for you, eh? Well, you’ve certainly got some questions, no doubt, and we’re here to help answer them for you.

The Vivo Air is a unique smartphone, with some eye-popping specs and a surprising price tag. But there’s more to it than just being thin and affordable. And so, here’s what  [Read More...]

Android 5.0 Lollipop has begun rolling out to the Samsung Galaxy S 4. In Russia, that is. The country is the first to receive the Lollipop update on the standard Galaxy S 4, though the Google Play edition of the device has had the update for some time now. The update weighs in at a whopping 1050MB, making it over 1GB in size. It’s also noted that at least 3GB of free storage is required to download and install the  [Read More...]

This job never ceases to amaze me. Sometimes the weeks fly by. Sometimes they drag. Sometimes they’re full of headaches. Sometimes the work perpetuates things. Sometimes I hit the weekend thankful for a couple days’ respite.

The past week was a fun one, speaking as an editor. We cruised through our Nest series, the first of our new focus on, well, focus. We’re still going to do all the news and reviews we’ve always done, but  [Read More...]

Made from a durable polycarbonate, these Samsung Galaxy S5 hard cases are strong enough to withstand drops and thin enough to keep in your pocket. The case snaps together around your device leaving access to the screen, camera, ports and buttons. Choose from 6 six different colors!

Top free antivirus apps for Android

There are a ton of options when it comes to antivirus apps on your Android phone or tablet — but there are only a handful of truly free ones. Many offer free features, with more robust features available as at a premium or subscription basis. You can get just as many great features from an unrestricted free app however. And in this case we’re talking all-the-way free.

So while we  [Read More...]

When Google announced Android 5.0 Lollipop everyone instantly began to wonder when their device would receive the next version of Android and more importantly how long the carrier or manufacturer would delay it while they applied their layer on the software. HTC were quick off the mark to promise that the update would be delivered to HTC devices within 90-days of Lollipop being released to the public.

However, Mo Versi of HTC has issued a statement via the  [Read More...]