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Localphone – Cheap International Calls & Texts – $5 Free Credit – Voucher Code LPCDEL14

A Couple of month ago, I was looking for a solution to reduce my international calls and came across a company called Localphone. I had been using SkypeOut and Google Voice which were already really cheap but Localphone to my surprise managed to go even lower and really beats their prices hands down!

Localphone is also offering discounts on a regular basis and  [Read More...]

UNU Ultrapak Tour Battery Pack Review


A few months ago, I reviewed the UNU Superpak Battery Pack, and had a great experience with it. That battery pack was more portable with its 6000 mAh battery. The battery pack I have now is not as small: this 10000 mAh beast will keep your devices going for days. The UNU Ultrapak Tour isn’t necessarily supposed to be small though, as in it is packed a turbo-charging ability that uses a charger that looks similar to a  [Read More...]

It’s a massive show this year, with exciting news coming at us from every direction.

We’ve had boots on the ground for several days now, and the sheer volume of news coming out of Barcelona this week has been nothing short of exciting. We’ve seen huge product announcements, brief glimpses into the future, and a whole lot of new ideas that are going to keep everyone quite busy for a little  [Read More...]

Google has announced today that it is overhauling the way we manage contacts through Gmail, making it easier to stay on top of changes in your contacts’ information.

Released as a preview today, and rolling out to Gmail over the next few weeks, the new Google Contacts comes with a fresh new interface, along with a number of new ways to interact with and organize your contact information.

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Bitcoin isn’t new. In fact, Wikipedia points to the date of introduction as being January 3, 2009. But still many people have never heard of Bitcoin. And then on the flip side, there are lots of people who know about Bitcoin but have never considered using it. I happen to fit into the latter category, and while I’ve long know what Bitcoin is — I have largely ignored the topic. But a recent episode of “Morgan Spurlock  [Read More...]

Warner Bros. Interactive has at least five upcoming mobile games that are in development.

The Google play store is now an incredible three years old!  Can you remember what life was like without apps?  I certainly know that I love my apps, from productivity apps like Gmail, calendar, Chrome, to fun apps like Boom Beach and Words with Friends, down to the very useful apps like Domino’s pizza for when I am too lazy to cook or get myself food.

In typical fashion, Google is celebrating its birthday by offering thirty-three deals  [Read More...]

Mojo Battstation Optimus 20400 review


Whether it’s internal, removable, wireless, microUSB, USB 3.0 Micro-B plug, or something else, batteries are one of those phone features we care deeply about. And, although we’ve had tremendous advances over the years, we still somehow find ourselves running low on juice every once in a while.

We recently spent time reviewing the Mojo Battstation Optimus 20400, a portable power bank that houses 20400mAh of life.  [Read More...]

If you’re using a Galaxy S5 on Canada’s Bell network, you’re in for a sweet treat today. The carrier has announced that Android 5.0 Lollipop is rolling out for the device starting today.

Research firm Gartner claims that Samsung sold 73.03 million smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2014, but was beaten by Apple, which the firm said sold 74.83 million smartphones.

Bayit Smart Wi-Fi Socket, 20% off

It seems, at times, that there’s a disparity between the technological power that we harness in our handsets and the lack of sophistication of some of our appliances at home. With my device, I can immediately navigate to a niche record store in some foreign city without evening using my hands but I still have to climb out of bed to turn the lights off at night. If you’re like many of the folks across the world  [Read More...]