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Poppet – a 2D game for players of all ages (review)

Overview Poppet, a 2D scrolling game, welcomes you with a colorful purple character wearing goggles into what looks like a scene out of a food-induced slumber in the woods. The colors are bright and the animation is seamless, but simple. The music is generic in an unobtrusive way, which fits the game. Game options Price:

Huawei P9 is now available from Vodafone for just £300

The Huawei P9 is readily available from Vodafone. The UK mobile operator has the smartphone listed on a variety of plans, starting at £28 per month (£10 upfront fee) with 1GB of data. Alternatively, you can purchase the handset outright for £300. Should you be dead set on getting a plan too, you’ll want to look at the more expensive bundles for more data, like the Vodafone Red Value 5GB plan for £38 a month.

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Galaxy S7 Active breaks cover with AT&T branding

Samsung’s Level app hinted at a Galaxy S7 Active variant last month, and we’re now getting a first look at the upcoming handset in the form of leaked images. Based on the photos, the phone eschews the metal and glass finish of the Galaxy S7, instead featuring a rugged exterior made up of polycarbonate and rubber.

From Samsung Viet:

Like its predecessor, the Galaxy S7 Active will feature physical home, back, and recent buttons. The frame  [Read More…]

HTC 10 now available in the UK: Here’s everything you need to know

HTC’s 2016 flagship hits British store shelves from today, and we’ve got all the details.

Today marks the first day of official availability for the HTC 10. The Taiwanese company’s new flagship phone has been described as a “return to form” for the manufacturer, with a premium metal design, serious audio credentials and a camera to rival the Galaxy S7. If you’re thinking of dropping some cash on an HTC 10 today, we’ve got all the  [Read More…]

Best transit apps for Canadians

Canada’s a big place, but getting around its biggest cities shouldn’t be a big task.

There are dozens of great transit apps out there, often built for a single city’s unique bus or metro system. But the best apps are the ones that undertake the difficult task of consolidating data from dozens — hundreds — of cities, arraying accurate arrival and departure times, directions, service messages and more in intuitive ways.

Transit App

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Google is firing out last minute I/O 2016 invitations

Google is sending out last minute I/O 2016 invitations, meaning should you be among those who have been unable to purchase one thus far for this year’s big event, you potentially have another opportunity to get your name down. It’s strongly recommended you check your emails if you haven’t yet got an invite as you could be one of the lucky ones this time around.

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Best tempered glass screen protectors for the HTC 10 (so far)

Scratches, and pits, and chips, oh my! Get a screen protector!

Tempered glass is about four times stronger than regular (annealed) glass, making it an ideal choice for screen protectors. Rather than shattering into jagged and potentially harmful shards, it breaks into small, relatively harmless bits. So, if you have a tempered glass screen protector on your HTC 10 and, for whatever reason, it breaks, the bits won’t scratch up your screen.

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Android apps on Chromebooks: Google’s shortcut to a full desktop ecosystem

Android apps on Chrome OS are so more than just an interesting sideshow.

It’s looking more and more likely that Android apps will be officially coming to Chrome OS through the Google Play Store, after a brief sighting of an option checkbox and splash page on at least one device. And it’s been a long time coming — almost two years in fact, since Google first demonstrated Android apps on a Chromebook at Google I/O 2014.  [Read More…]

Pre-ordered the HTC 10? You’ll receive a ‘small token of appreciation’ from HTC shortly

HTC is sending out emails to customers that have pre-ordered the HTC 10, stating that they will receive a “small token of appreciation” from the company for purchasing the handset.

From the Reddit thread:

There’s no mention as to what the surpise gift may be, but it could turn out to be an accessory like the Ice View case, or the HTC Active Earphones. It could even be the Hi-Res Audio Earphones, which aren’t bundled in  [Read More…]

Google: Android One program now a part of Rick Osterloh’s hardware division

Google has failed to make strides with the Android One platform in India, but the search giant isn’t giving up on the initiative. The program is now “a part of the broader hardware strategy” and will be under the control of Rick Osterloh, who recently returned to Google to lead its hardware efforts.

In an interview with Economic Times, Mike Hayes, director of business development for Android and Chrome partnerships said:

Android One has become a  [Read More…]