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Localphone – Cheap International Calls & Texts – $5 Free Credit – Voucher Code LPCDEL14

A Couple of month ago, I was looking for a solution to reduce my international calls and came across a company called Localphone. I had been using SkypeOut and Google Voice which were already really cheap but Localphone to my surprise managed to go even lower and really beats their prices hands down!

Localphone is also offering discounts on a regular basis and  [Read More...]

There are plenty of third-party launchers and home apps for Android. Which one are you using?

I know I’m not alone when I say that one of the best things about Android is the way you can use third-party tools and apps to replace what came with your phone. From the keyboard, to the messaging app, to the launcher and more, Android is all about making your stuff feel like your stuff. After using several phones  [Read More...]

Alaska Airlines has finally updated its Android app after a long wait, bringing it up to a modern and full-featured design more in line with the new iOS app that has been available for some time. If you’ve used the Alaska Airlines app previously you’ll know it was quite a blast from the past, and the new experience is dramatically better. The new home screen nicely displays upcoming trips, and a slide-in panel gives you quick access  [Read More...]

The NVIDIA Shield Android TV is receiving another update, this time to Software Upgrade 1.3, which brings along with it some much needed fixes. The previous update expanded support for 4K content, along with some streaming improvements, but there was still way more to be addressed.

The most used app on our Android devices has to be the email app. Even though these are the times of instant messaging and social exploration, email will always remain as important as it was, be it for official or personal communication. I came across this app called MailDroid, as I was looking for a change from the regular ‘Gmail‘ app.

Flipdog Solutions, LLC has developed a very feature-rich email application which can give a tough competition to any email app. MailDroid contains  [Read More...]

We’ve already established that moving from Google Voice to Project Fi isn’t all that scary, but now that we’re using Fi ourselves we can talk about exactly how it works once you make the switch. Thankfully most of the high-level features remain the same, but just pick up a simpler interface and a reliance on Hangouts.

And then when it comes to the more advanced features, you actually still have access to the old Google Voice interface  [Read More...]

Analytics firm G DATA has new data about malware in Android. In its Q1 2015 Mobile Malware report, it explains that almost half a million new strains were discovered from January to the end of March. To put that into perspective, this means that a new strain appears every 18 seconds, which equates to about 5,000 a day.

Supposedly, Android apps allow for easier access than their iOS counterparts. Indeed, if that is true (and it probably is), it is  [Read More...]

Using the ASUS ZenFone 2′s Audio Wizard

Custom audio settings for games, calls and more.

The ASUS ZenFone 2 has a utility that sets custom sound profiles based on what you’re doing. It’s easy to find, and even easier to use.

There’s no debating that the LG G4 has an amazing camera, but what better way to show that off than to use it to shoot an entire promo video from a drone? LG decided to do just that in their latest promotional video showcasing the LG G4’s video capability.

The amazing video is thanks part to its 16-Megapixel camera, but more to the f/1.8 lens that LG have equipped the G4 with.

LG have preserved the video in its  [Read More...]

Choosing a kid-friendly Android phone or tablet

Wander into any store with an electronics section nowadays and you’ll find at least one “kid” tablet. It’s usually a brightly-colored rubber block with a low-end touch display running an ancient version of Android, with a custom UI featuring giant buttons and a handful of apps for a handful of basic age groups. Choosing something smaller than a tablet is even worse, especially since the concept of a phone-shaped Android-powered Wifi-only handheld never really took off.

There’s  [Read More...]

Sprint looks like it will be the second US wireless carrier to sell the mid-range Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. Android Central received a tip, including the above image, from one of our readers that seems to show a sales flyer for the Sprint version, with a launch date of July 10.