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Zen Pinball THD now available in the Market for Tegra devices, and it’s free

Zen Pinball THD

If you’re using a phone or tablet with a Tegra chip inside it, you’ll want to check out Zen Pinball THD, which hit the Android Market today.  It’s a great game, using advanced physics for ball movement, has great tables included — Marvel’s Fantastic Four table is really, really, cool — and includes multiplayer mode.  All for free.  To top it off, it’s even OpenFeint-enabled for those who like a bit  [Read More…]

Galaxy Nexus press photos extracted from Verizon website

Galaxy Nexus  Galaxy Nexus

Press images of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Verizon branding have been found in the source of the coming soon page on Verizon’s website.  Things look very similar to the current GSM Galaxy Nexus, (check out our review) and chances are without them side by side one would never be able to tell if it weren’t for the Verizon 4G logo  [Read More…]

Reminder: Rhapsody and Napster are now one service/app

Napster members attempting to stream music today might be surprised to discover that the app no longer works. Neither its website nor Google TV app are blasting the hits anymore because Rhapsody has acquired Napster and all of its members.

Rhapsody announced weeks ago that it would take over streaming duties for Napster’s customers, and the transition was completed today. Napster members should be  [Read More…]

Galaxy Nexus update rolls out complete with volume bug fix


If you purchased a Samsung Galaxy Nexus (or just heard about it), you probably know about the volume bug. Basically, UK users have been experiencing problems with the volume, which seems to sporadically turn up and down. (Read more details here).

This is no small thing. The Galaxy Nexus is the most awaited phone of the year. Such issues can be disappointing, especially for people in the US. People are already  [Read More…]

AT&T: T-Mobile’s spectrum will be ours, one way or another


AT&T appears hellbent on getting T-Mobile’s precious spectrum, even if the FCC doesn’t give the full merger its blessing. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that should the deal between AT&T and T-Mobile fail, an outcome which is heavily favored at this point in time, AT&T and T-Mobile parent company Deutsche Telekom are already in talks to develop a joint venture which would pool AT&T and T-Mobile USA’s resources together to  [Read More…]

Droid Bionic drops to $199 on-contract, sorry early adopters


The Motorola Droid Bionic was easily one of the most hyped devices of 2011. Unfortunately, when the Bionic was finally released almost three months ago, the sales did not match the hype. So what’s Verizon to do? How about chip a hundred dollars off the on-contract price?

When the Bionic first released on September 8, 2011, it cost a hefty $ 299.99 on-contract. Not that the Bionic isn’t worth $ 300  [Read More…]

Sprint and HTC subcontractor accused of logging user data in non-secure, invasive manner [Video]

When security researcher Trevor Eckhart discovered that CarrierIQ was logging a surprising amount of data, the company promptly sent Eckhart a cease-and-desist letter that threatened legal action if he didn’t stop publishing information about the company and what its products do behind-the-scenes on Sprint HTC phones. After the Electronic Frontier Foundation came to Eckhart’s defense, CarrierIQ backed-off its legal threats and simply said it  [Read More…]

Plantronics InstantMeeting takes the pain out of dialing into conference calls on the go


We know you are all very busy people, and love ways to make your life easier in any way shape or form, and Plantronics realizes the same. While on the go trying to dial into a conference call can be quite a pain, dialing the number, then entering the ID for the call, and sometimes even more information than that, but that pain has to be felt no more. Plantronics InstantMeeting holds all  [Read More…] now offering 50GB free storage to LG users

Android Central

Putting the HTC/Dropbox collaboration in the shade, have formed a partnership with LG which offers users of LG mobile devices an astonishing 50GB of free storage. Best of all, it isn’t limited to new devices.

As you can see from the image, my trusty Optimus 2X qualified for the offer. To take advantage, head over to the Market and download the application for Android 2.1 and above (download  [Read More…]

ASUS Transformer Prime now expected in stores December 19 or later

Asus Transformer Prime

After an endless stream of possible launch dates passed our desk, we have finally been given the expected North American retail availability of the ASUS Transformer Prime. A representative from ASUS has just informed us that we should expect retail and etail availability of the Transformer Prime to start the “week of December 19 or later.”

These dates are flexible based on pre-order fulfillment requirements, unit quantities received, and  [Read More…]