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Google’s Insync Service No Longer in Beta – Good Alternative to Dropbox

Google’s Insync has been in closed beta for the last 15 months while advertising itself as a cheaper Dropbox alternative with a better feature set. The company is now finally ready to launch with a service that tightly integrates into Google Docs. According to their marketing, the service is “8x cheaper” than Dropbox and furthermore, the core service is now free. Customers who previously paid for the service during the beta period will be offered a  [Read More…]

Report puts LG-Intel relationship on track with Android at CES

Android Central

Back in October we got word that in 2012 we’ll be seeing versions of Android optimized to run on Intel chipsets. Word out of Korea is that the first smartphones running on them, will be made by LG and on show for the world to see at CES.

An article in the Korea Times claims that officials from both companies have confirmed the news despite official spokespeople remaining quiet on  [Read More…]

HTC EVO Design 4G and Hero S kernel source released

HTC Hero S and EVO Design

HTC has released the kernel source for the EVO Design 4G, and its US Cellular cousin, the HTC Hero S.  The specific version is 2.6.35 for Gingerbread, which is the current kernel running on the devices.  Having kernel source opens up some ridiculously cool mods and hacks, and the development community should have plenty of fun with this.  This means that we’ll all be having fun shortly after.   [Read More…]

3 new LG devices get CyanogenMod nightly support; Optimus Black makes its return

LG and CM7

Ricardo Cerqueira, a member of the CM team and LG Android device guru, has added official  CyanogenMod nightly (CM7 for the time being) support for three new LG devices — The LG Optimus 3D, the LG Optimus Pro, and the LG Optimus Hub — and has once again made support for the LG Optimus Black official after a short hiatus.  Here in the states we’re not too familiar with these devices,  [Read More…]

SiriusXM unveils the Android-powered Lynx portable radio

SiriusXM Lynx

SiriusXM today unveiled its latest portable satellite radio — the Lynx — and wouldn’t ya know it, this sucker’s running Android. Actually, it’s running an unknown version of Android, and if we hadn’t told you, chances are you wouldn’t even notice. It’s being billed as “everything you can imagine,” and it’s a triple threat as a dockable in-car satellite radio, or you can use it with a home docking kit, or  [Read More…]

Verizon nixes planned $2 fee for some bill-payment methods

Verizon Fee

Score one for the good guys. Under a hail of bad PR and a report of the FCC getting involved, Verizon Wireless has killed plans to charge an extra $ 2 a month for some bill-paying methods. Verizon said it “made the decision in response to customer feedback about the plan, which was designed to improve the efficiency of those transactions.”

“At Verizon, we take great care to listen to  [Read More…]

Verizon cancels $2 convenience fee after tremendous negative feedback

Verizon cancels $ 2 convenience fee after tremendous negative feedback

Verizon Wireless has been in the news a lot recently, and not for something good like the launch of a highly anticipated phone.  America’s largest carrier had the brilliant idea of charging customers $ 2 if  [Read More…]

Android Apps Alert #85: Winter Wake Up, Star Wars: Republic, and more

Android Apps Alert #85: Winter Wake Up, Star Wars: Republic, and more

Happy New Year, everybody! This will be the last edition of Android Apps Alert published in the year 2011. It was a prolific year for the Android Market, which underwent more changes  [Read More…]

LG set to showcase Intel Medfield device at CES 2012


Intel’s Medfield system-on-a-chip isn’t the company’s first venture into smartphone territory. Last year, at CES 2011, Intel and LG partnered up to debut Intel’s Moorestown chip. Unfortunately, nothing ever came of the reference device. Due to a “lack of marketability,” the handset never saw retail. This year, things could be different.

Intel’s Medfield has been rumored to appear at this upcoming CES, but in exactly whose hardware has remained a mystery  [Read More…]

MIPS NOVO7 mini review — the ‘first’ Ice Cream Sandwich tablet

But how far did you think $ 99 would get you?

Novo 7

Ice Cream Sandwich, and a 7-inch tablet — two things that (for me) that go great together.  We got our 7-inch Ainol NOVO7 tablet fresh off the boat, and we’re having a look at “The first Android 4.0 tablet in the world.”  We really don’t expect much from these no-name tablets — especially one that retails at less than $ 100,  [Read More…]