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How to replace Shield Android TV remote batteries

When your remote batteries finally die, swapping them out is a quick task.

NVIDIA redesigned its TV-style remote that comes with the new Shield Android TV so it’s no longer rechargeable, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In turn, you get a remote that gets one year of battery life with average use, meaning you don’t have to think “is my remote charged?” when you go to turn on your TV.

But after a year of  [Read More…]

RCS for T-Mobile subscribers could be here any day now

Users have reported seeing the RCS support option sprout up in Messenger for Google’s settings panel.

T-mobile users, your text messaging prowess is about to get more rich — in the sense of Rich Communication Services, that is.

T-Mobile customers have mentioned on Reddit and Google Plus that they’re seeing the RCS option pop up in the settings panel on the Messenger for Google app. But it’s been difficult to parse whether RCS is ready on the  [Read More…]

Google boosts Snapseed by adding a Curves tool and fixing Face detection

It’s as if Google finally realized that a real photo-editing app has Curves.

Snapseed is getting its first major update of the year. The photo-editing app, which Google purchased from Nik Software back in 2012, finally features a Curves tool, which helps provide precise control over the brightness levels and varying colors of the picture you’re editing. And with smartphones becoming almost as capable as the some of DSLRs, this is a  [Read More…]

Keep your computer running like a champ with Windows Care Genius Pro (Deal of the Day)

Have an older computer that seems to have slowed with time? What about that PC that’s only two years old but runs like it’s twenty years old? Don’t bother taking it into have it repaired or tuned up; you can do it from your own home and for a fraction of the cost. About Our

Coin officially shutting down product support by end of next month

Coin will be shutting down product services and support as of February 28.

The end is nigh for Coin cards, secure smart payment devices that allow you to store information from up to eight credit, debit or gift cards onto one, digitally secured, wallet-sized card.

Coin had already begun shutting down all their business operations since Fitbit officially acquired the start up back in June of 2016. Now, just seven months after the sale, the company took  [Read More…]

Caseable: Device Protection with style [Review]

I don’t know about you, but I never take my phone anywhere without some sort of case. I once had no case for 3 days after purchasing my Galaxy S7 and in those 3 days, you guessed it, I broke the screen. Cases not only allow us to protect the financial investment we put into our

We’re celebrating 10 years of CrackBerry here at AC!


It’s hard to believe that 10 years ago, Kevin Michaluk laced up his boots, walked to the local internet cafe and wrote Matrix levels of HTML to get up and running (that is what happened, right?).

Well, CrackBerry is still very much alive, and while its output has slowed with the changing nature of BlackBerry the company, it still has hundreds of thousands of diehard readers visiting every month.

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NVIDIA Shield TV now pairs with PlayStation and Xbox controllers via Bluetooth

You might remember that a few days ago we brought you news that the original NVIDIA Shield was finally getting the Android 7.0 Nougat update, which put it on par with the 2017 model. While NVIDIA posted a list of new features brought about by the new build, some options seems to have flown under

Google has open-sourced Chrome for iOS

Welcome to the club, iOS.

After years of being completely separated from the rest of the Chromium project, Google has merged Chrome for iOS into the open-source repository it uses for Chrome on other platforms. The move comes with quite a bit of work on the backend as Apple’s constraints on the iOS platform require Chrome for iOS to be built on WebKit rather than Google’s own Blink rendering engine.

Thanks to a bunch of hard  [Read More…]

How to stream the Super Bowl on your phone, tablet, and more — even if you don’t have cable

Looking for a way to get your fix for the upcoming big game between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons? Maybe you won’t be home in time for kickoff. Perhaps you don’t get to watch it on a TV this year because of work. Whatever the reason, we’re here to help you stream the