Ensure every take off and landing is clean and safe with a durable drone launchpad.

At first glance, a drone launchpad might seem like a somewhat frivolous accessory. However, there’s a number of valid reasons why a drone launchpad can really improve your flight sessions out in the wilderness.

For starters, they’re big and colorful with high-contrasting colors (and sometimes even glow in the dark) which makes it easier to find your launch point when flying manually. Pinning down a launch mat in a grassy field can help clear away any tall grass which might affect your takeoff or landing, and it will also cut down on your drone kicking up dust which can dirty up your camera lens or gunk up your motors. This is a great option, too, if you’re apprehensive about hand launching or catching your drone. Realistically, this would be overkill if you’re still flying a cheap beginner drone but if you’re flying a high-end camera drone such as the DJI Mavic Air or Phantom 4 it’s a handy tool to add to your drone kit.

SunfyreTek XL Drone Landing Pad

We’ll start out with this heavy duty landing pad made out of a thick rubber which means it will help absorb impact from landing and doesn’t need to be staked to the ground. Featuring a high-contrast black and yellow pattern, you’ll be able to find your launch site from the sky easily.

This pad is 22 inches by 22 inches and is capable of accommodating even the larger DJI Phantom drones while offering good protection against dust and debris getting at your drone. Its waterproof with a non-slip backing so you can use it practically anywhere. When it’s time to pack up and head home, the pad rolls up easily or can also be folded without leaving ugly creases.

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InnoGiz Luminous Landing Pad

This is the ideal drone launching pad for those who enjoy nighttime flights. Made At 33 inches in diameter, this is a large and lightweight launch pad made of nylon that folds down to just 13 inches with a convenient carrying bag.

This launch pad is double-sided, with the orange and white side doubling as a luminous pattern for flying in low-light scenarios. The pad also features compass directions that, if set up properly of course, can help you keep your orientation while flying your drone. You’ll need to stake this landing pad down with the four included pegs.

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PGYTECH Foldable Landing Pad

Lastly, we’ve got this most basic landing pad for those who don’t need anything flashy but also want to keep their drones free from debris.

This double-sided launch pad features two high-contrast sides to choose from — blue or orange — and is durably made of a waterproof nylon material. This pad is 30 inches wide and folds down to just 12 inches for storage. The kit includes eight reflective strips that you can attach to your pad to help with visibility in low light situations and includes three pegs for staking it down in the ground.

If you’re simply after a basic pad to protect your drone from dust and debris, this is your best value at just $ 15.

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