With the much anticipated LG G3 announced last week, some people were a bit let down by the fact that the phone isn’t made of metal like rumors suggested. With the teaser videos making it sure seem like it would be, this phone could’ve taken the spotlight off of HTC’s One M8 for good with a truly premium build. The phone instead went with a plastic material like the G2 but with a metallic design finish.

According to LG Vice President of Mobile Design Chul Bae Lee, there were a few reasons behind the choice for plastic. “If you could charge $ 300 more for a phone, maybe we could make it metal.” He said to TrustedReviews.

He also mentioned the fact that metal would’ve made the phone bulkier and much less thin then what they have achieved with the G3. If I had applied metal to the G3 is would be much bulkier in the bezels and in all four directions. It would be very big and very heavy. It would be really slippery as well.”

He added: “What would be the best material for this phone? I don’t think metal would be the answer for that.”

The G3 is expected to hit markets soon, and is expected to be around $ 100 cheaper than other flagships, inclding the One M8 and Galaxy S5, despite having its new QHD 1440p display.

SOURCE: TrustedReviews

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