The easiest way to make your home smart.

The TP-Link Kasa HS105 Wi-Fi Smart Plug Mini 2-pack is down to $ 27.99 at B&H thanks to a 44% off on-page coupon. These plugs sell for $ 25 individually on Amazon and at B&H. The 2-pack is $ 47 on Amazon and has only dropped as low as the above deal on rare occasions like Black Friday.

You could also get two TP-Link HS200 smart light switches for $ 39.95 using the 42% off on-page coupon. These switches sell for $ 35 individually on Amazon, so you’re basically getting a second one for just $ 5 more. The switches give you remote control over your lights and connect to your smart home. This is a great way to add smart home functionality to overhead lights and in-wall lighting.

The TP-Link smart plugs connect to your Wi-Fi network and your smart home hub. They let you remotely control whatever is plugged in. You can use the free Kasa app on iOS or Android or control them with your voice using Alexa or Google Assistant. They have an Away Mode to simulate light use while you’re gone. Plus, because these are the mini versions, they’ll only take up one outlet space so you could use both plugs on a single wall outlet if you wanted to.

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