Spot the localization.

It took its sweet time coming to Canada, but Amazon’s diminutive Echo Spot is arriving north of the border on April 25 for $ 170 CAD. That’s a bit of a jump from the U.S. price of $ 130, but hey, exchange rates.

Phil Nickinson really likes his — he calls it “cute” and a great bedside alarm clock with Alexa built in — and given that the larger-screened Echo Show has yet to go on sale in Canada, this is the first Echo with such a feature. That adds video conferencing between Echo users to the repertoire of other Alexa features like listening to music, reading audiobooks and podcasts, and receiving answers to questions you didn’t even know you wanted to ask.

Despite the delay in coming to Canada, the Echo Spot won’t be localized for Canadian French, which is a bummer. That said, the list of Canadian-supported Alexa skills is growing, and now includes CBC, Uber, TELUS, The Weather Network, Air Canada, and more.

If you decide to pick up a couple of Spots, it’ll save you $ 50 off the total — so instead of costing $ 340 total, it’ll be $ 290 before tax.

You can pre-order the Echo Spot now from Amazon, and the company says it will also be on sale at Best Buy stores across the country.

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