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Right now you can pick up the 2nd-gen Amazon Echo for just $ 79.99 at Amazon, which is $ 20 less than it normally sells for. We’ve seen the price move around a bit this year, but . only a few times has it ever dropped down to this low, and only once (on Prime Day) was it ever more affordable than this. The discount applies to all the fabric versions of the speaker, and if you prefer the limited edition oak or walnut finish it will set you back an extra $ 20, making it $ 100.

The Echo has Amazon’s Alexa baked right in to help answer your questions, convert measurements, keep you updated on the news, and even control your smart home gear, including all these discounted Philips Hue lights and accessories. It has seven microphones, which allows it to hear you even in loud situations when you’re not right next to it, and the improved speaker quality makes listening to music on it a better experience. Amazon is constantly adding new skills and features to Alexa, thus making the Echo devices even smarter and better to use.

Whether you’re looking to grab your first one ever or add another to your home, today’s price drop makes it a great time to purchase!

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