All of these devices are better bundled together.

Amazon just announced an all-new Echo Dot Kids Edition, and the company has already launched some bundles which help make it even more affordable. Simply pairing the new Echo Dot Kids Edition with a Fire Tablet can save you up to $ 50 versus buying them separately. The Echo Dot Kids Edition is still only available as a pre-order, but it’s scheduled to begin shipping on May 9.

The first bundle is two Echo Dot Kids Edition for $ 129.98, a savings of $ 30. Combining the Echo Dot Kids Edition with a 7-inch Fire Tablet Kids Edition saves you $ 40, and drops the price down to just $ 140. The bundle with a Fire Tablet HD 8 and Echo Dot Kids Edition is $ 20 more at $ 160. That’s a $ 50 savings. All of the bundles are available in a variety of different color combinations, so be sure to look for the one that your kids will like the most.

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