The long-rumored Amazon smartphone may finally be unveiled in just two weeks. The company is currently teasing a new product, which will be unveiled by CEO Jeff Bezos during an event June 18 in Seattle.

In the teaser video, which you can see below, it shows people’s reactions to a new product, but doesn’t show the device itself. Many of the reactions are that it’s something they’ve never seen before, and one person notes, “It moved with me,” suggesting a 3D experience. It has been rumored for some time now that Amazon has been developing a smartphone with a 3D display.

Some of the other rumors we’ve covered in the past include that it will feature a 4.7-inch display, run a heavily customized version of Android just like Amazon’s Kindle range, will feature four low-powered infrared cameras on the face of the device which will be used to track the users facial position in relation to the device, enabling users to navigate through apps and integrate with the device in a way which has never been seen before, as well as will be an AT&T exclusive and carry a feature called “Prime Data,” essentially giving the user free data while using sanctioned apps, and will not effect their monthly data allotment. It is speculated that the “free” data will cover Amazon’s portfolio of apps including Amazon MP3 and quite possibly a Prime Instant Video app.

Although Amazon isn’t revealing the device yet in the video, it is teasing it even more with a photo of the corner of the supposed device seen at the top of this post.

Something interesting about this unveiling is that Amazon is allowing anyone to request an invitation, you just need to request one, but space is limited.

It’s been rumored that while the device is going to be unveiled in June, it won’t ship until September, but we don’t have too much longer now to wait and see.

Via The Verge

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