Been wondering what Amazon’s smartphone might look like when it finally debuts later this year? Wonder no more. The gang over at BGR have received a press render of the device which reveals both the front and backside of the handset.

What do we know? It looks like a standard touch-only smartphone. Reportedly, the phone features a 4.7-inch 720p display, a quad-core Snapdragon processor, 2GB RAM, and an OS that closely resembles that of the Kindle Fire tablets. The device is alleged to be large but “reasonably comfortable” for single-hand usage. Amazon is said to have added gesture controls; six camera modules also provide for a 3D-like interface that tracks head.

Amazon will launch the smartphone in the third quarter, according to a number of reports. Last week gave way to rumors that Amazon could bring the phone to AT&T as part of an exclusive deal that centers around “Prime Data“.

What do you think of the look of the Amazon handset? Are you buying into the idea any more today?


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