One of my favorite memories of Mobile World Congress 2011 was the Android Zone that featured plenty of demos and a cool Android experience. Of all those attractions, the Androidify Me booth that allowed users to create their own Android mascot and then print it as a sticker was the most intriguing. Not everyone could make it MWC, and plenty of people who love the Androidify app wish they could put their personal Bugdroid on a sticker for their laptop or other surface.

Sound like you? Then maybe you ought to slide a few bucks to this Kickstarter project. Aleksandr Peredereyev got the idea that all those cool avatars people have been creating in Androidify would look good as stickers, but he needs new equipment to make that happen. But if enough money is pledged to reach the $ 4,550 goal, he’ll be able to print the just under 4-inch stickers.

So how does it work? Like all Kickstarter projects, you pledge a certain amount of money and you are not charged unless the project is successfully-funded. If the $ 4,550 goal isn’t reached, your PayPal or credit card remains untouched. However, if the goal is reached, you are entitled to whatever prize tier you pledge. If all you want is the sticker, pledge $ 5 and you’ll receive it if the project is funded. But if you’re willing to through in a few more dollars, you can get extra decals, posters, t-shirts, and keychains.

Visit the Kickstarter page and for information.

Via AndroidGuys

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