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The AT&T branded Nexus 6 has run into a little bit of an issue and it most likely has to do with their carrier influence on the device. Stores are being told to ship back their first batch of Nexus 6 devices due to a software bug.

The bug, which has been identified by Motorola, shows a black screen on start-up and fails to connect to service. This leaves the device completely unusable. Only the first shipment of the AT&T branded Nexus 6 has this bug according to sources. If you have a problem with your new Nexus 6, make sure to contact AT&T and they will resolve this issue for you.

Motorola released this statement about the issue:

We delivered a small number of Nexus 6 smartphones with incorrect software to AT&T customers who pre-ordered. The incorrect software prevents the phone from starting up properly. We will provide replacements for consumers whose phones are affected. The problem has been corrected and the phones currently shipping are fine.

The good news is that all other Nexus 6 devices that have been bought though Sprint, T-Mobile, Google Play, or Motorola are entirely fine.

Source: Android Police | Via: Android and Me

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