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So you got your mom an Android phone or tablet for Mother’s Day.  First of all, congratulations on officially becoming the favorite child. Secondly, you are gonna have to fill that device with great apps for your mother to enjoy (you’re gonna be setting it up for her anyway, so why not). Without further ado, we bring you the best apps for mom on Mother’s Day.





Life360 aims to be your all-in-one of sorts when it comes to keeping up with the family.  Give your mother peace of mind by giving her access to the family’s happenings at the push of a button.

Life360 uses the phone’s GPS to track family members and allows them to check-in when they reach their destination.  Users can even track each other to see if anyone’s running late for a family event.

In the event of an emergency, Life360 acts as a lifeline for family.  If someone needs help, the app can send messages to others in your circles to alert them to your whereabouts so help can be sent your way.

Life360 also has a find-my-phone feature that will track and locate your phone in the event that it is lost.  Users can find their lost phone via the Web or by using another member’s phone.






Glympse is another location sharing app, but it is different in that you don’t have to sign up to use the service or create a selected group to send location information.  You can send your location to others that have the app, and you can also send your location and ETA via SMS, email, Facebook or Twitter.  This app would be great for when mom is away from home and you want to know when she’ll be back to cook dinner.


ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner


shop savvy


Mom will love this app.  Shop Savvy is designed to aid in finding the best deal on any product.  While shopping, the user can scan the bar code of items to find out if there is a better price locally or on the Web.  You can even keep a history of items that you have scanned for viewing later.




just wink


justWink is designed with mothers in mind.  A greeting card store in your pocket.  I know moms that have greeting card stationary readily available for those times when they forget a birthday, graduation or other holiday. Now, when the occasion presents itself, mom can whip out her phone and create a personalized card to send via email, Facebook, sms or Twitter.  Mom can even pay to have it physically delivered in the mail.


Cozi Family Calendar & Lists




Cozi makes managing  the hectic family lifestyle easy.  The app works cross-platform to brings one cohesive calendar to the whole family.  The calendar entries can be color-coded for each member.  Everyone can be in sync and know each other’s schedule so no one misses important events. Cozi also has shared shopping and to-do list features that also sync so everyone knows what their designated tasks and/or chores are. Show mom how to add a Cozi widget to her home screen so she never misses your quiz bowl football game again.




retail 2


Retailmenot is designed to save you money, period.  Get coupons for local stores and online sales.  Bookmark favorite stores for easier access to the stores you shop most.  Mom can get coupons for the stores she loves and get notifications when a store nearby has a sale going on.  Just show the coupon on your phone at the checkout counter to cash in on the deal.


There are way more apps out there that I’m sure mothers would enjoy, so use this post as a starting point for turning your mother into a tech-savvy super mom.

Bonus: 1-800-Flowers  




And for those not-so-favorite kids that waited until the last minute to get something for mom, use the 1-800-Flowers app to surprise mom with a beautiful bouquet of last-minute love. Happy Mother’s Day!

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