What’s the best thin, minimalist case for Galaxy Note 5?

Don’t hide the light of your beautiful Samsung Galaxy Note 5 behind a thick case. Let it shine with a minimalist cover that shows it off and protects it at the same time. Here are our favorites.

Samsung Glossy Cover

When you want to protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 from scratches, but you don’t want to conceal the beautiful lines of your phone, you can’t go wrong with the Glossy Cover from Samsung. Since it’s made by Samsung, you know it will fit your phone to a tee.

You’ll love how the Glossy Cover feels in your hands and the way it helps you grip the large and slippery Samsung Galaxy Note 5 — you’ll also like the fact that this case protects it, while remaining unobtrusive; in fact, you might even swear you don’t have a case on your phone at all.

The case itself is made of polycarbonate with a coating to prevent fingerprints and scratches. The plastic around the corners protects the most vulnerable parts of the phone and a see-through back lets you show off that attractive metallic finish. It’s also compatible with Qi wireless charging.

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Ringke Fusion Crystal Clear case

The Ringke fusion Crystal Clear case is a very thin yet protective case that shows off the Samsung Galaxy Note 5’s shiny metallic finish.

It’s a clear case that’s got a TPU bumper that wraps around the vulnerable edges of the phone. To protect the ports from dust, this case features tabbed dust covers that are easily lifted off for full access.

A unique aspect of the Ringke Fusion Crystal Clear case is that it comes with a template from which you can create your own back cover. It’s basically a cardboard cutout that allows you to cut photos to fit perfectly. Since the plastic cover is see-through, any design you create and insert will be visible — or you can just rock your attractive Samsung Galaxy Note 5 naked.

If you’re looking for a minimalist case that shows off your device or lets you create your own back cover, then the Ringke Fusion Crystal Clear case is for you.

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Spigen Liquid Crystal case

The Spigen Liquid Crystal case is a flexible case that adds no bulk to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 while still protecting it against bumps and scratches.

Made from flexible TPU, the Spigen Liquid Crystal case has a small raised lip surrounding the edges of the phone in the front and the camera lens in the back to protect these vulnerable areas from scratches.

Since the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is notoriously slippery to hold, you’ll enjoy the fact that the Spigen Liquid Crystal case feels grippy, allowing you to feel confident that you won’t drop that expensive tech on the floor while you’re walking around..

There is one thing to be aware of about this and any other case made from clear TPU, and that is that it has the tendency to yellow over time.

If you want a bendable and minimalist case that doesn’t add bulk, leaves your phone completely visible, and helps you maintain your grip on it, then give the Spigen Liquid Crystal case a try.

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Poetic Affinity case

The Poetic Affinity case is designed to protect and enhance the appearance of your Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Made from clear polycarbonate and soft TPU, the Poetic Affinity has patterned sides that make the phone easier to hold and keep it from slipping out of your hands.

The back is clear with a raised pattern that prevents scratches. The insides of the case have raised TPU ridges that help to minimize shocks, should you drop your phone on the ground and around the front edge of the phone is a raised bezel to prevent damage to the screen when you lay your phone face-down.

If you want a case with an attractive pattern that’s also protective, then the Poetic Affinity case is a good choice.

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RhinoShield CrashGuard case

You can’t get much more minimal than the RhinoShield CrashGuard case.

It’s a bumper that wraps around the edges of your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with a raised lip around the front edge to protect the screen. It weighs less than an ounce and is just 0.09mm thick, so yeah, it’s really, really minimal.

However, don’t let its barely there quality fool you. Believe it or not, the RhinoShield CrashGuard will protect your phone from drops of up to 11 feet. That’s pretty crazy, especially for a minimalist case.

If you want a real minimalist case that is still protective, then the RhinoShield CrashGuard is definitely for you.

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Incipio Octane Pure Carrying case

The Incipio Octane Pure Carrying case is great for showing off the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in all its shiny glory while still protecting it from getting banged up.

It’s composed of a clear polycarbonate shell and a soft thermo-plastic urethane (TPU) bumper that protects the device from scratches and bumps without adding bulk. The TPU bumper comes in a colorful hot pink so that you can always find your phone, even in a dark room. It also looks nice and enhances the phone’s metallic sheen.

If you want a case that’s colorful and protective, the Incipio Octane Pure Carrying case is the one you want.

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What are your favorites?

We’ve told you about the minimalist cases that we love, but how about you? Let us know in the comments below.

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