Show off the sleek design of your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with these minimalist cases.

If you’re the type who shies away from putting a case on your phone because you don’t like all that added bulk in your pocket, then you need to consider a minimalist case. They offer protection from scratches and scuffs while keeping the overall look and feel of your phone intact.

Without further ado, let’s dive in and look at the best minimalist options for your Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Clear Protective Cover

Let’s start with a minimalist case offered by Samsung themselves. Offering basic protection for your Note 7, this slim and clear case is an ideal option for showcasing your phone’s beautiful design. This case also features harder plastic around the corners to help protect against drops.

And since it’s made by the same company that makes the phone, rest assured that this case is precisely designed to stay snug to your phone while keeping all your ports, speakers and the S Pen perfectly accessible.

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CUVR Carbon Fibre Ultra-Light PC Case

Ultra-light with a slick carbon fibre look along the back plate, this case brings its own stylish touches to your phone while barely adding any bulk to the Note 7. This is a two-piece case, with a tough polycarbonate bumper — available in either rose gold or grey — and a shell that features the carbon fibre pattern on the exterior and soft TPU material on the inside to help with shock absorption from drops.

Of course you’ll have full access to all your ports and the S-Pen, and the CUVR case also fully supports wireless charging. It’s all backed by a one-year warranty with a 30-day return policy if you’re not immediately satisfied with your purchase.

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Spigen Slim & Soft Liquid Crystal

The first of two minimalist Spigen cases to make this list, the Slim & Soft Liquid Crystal is a pliable TPU case that offers solid protection against scratches and scuffs from drops while remaining virtually invisible once installed. This case is about as minimalist as they come, offering about a millimeter of raised lip around the camera on the back, and roughly the same for the lip around the display. If you’re bothered by the sight of fingerprints you’ll want to look elsewhere, as the glossy finish is a magnet for them.

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CaliCase Premium Ultra Thin Case

The CaliCase Premium is the perfect case for those looking for a paper thin option. Featuring a thickness of just 0.35mm, you’re really not going to get much real protection from a serious drop, but it will help prevent your phone from getting scratched and scuffed. It’s made of polypropylene and adds virtually no bulk to your phone, with a matte finish that won’t show fingerprints or dirt and cutouts for the S Pen, ports, buttons and speakers.

It’s available in clear white, clear black and solid black, so you can opt for the style that suits you best.

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Spigen Galaxy Note 7 Thin Fit Case

The Thin Fit case by Spigen offers a stylish, sturdy shell for your Note 7 — and that’s about it. The buttons are left fully exposed on the sides and there are cutout on the bottom for the S Pen, ports and speakers.

There are breaks in the plastic around the corners so it’s easy to slip on and off, but this also means that there’s less protection for drops on the corners. That just the sort of compromise you need to be comfortable making when you’re in the market for a minimalist case.

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Did we miss anything?

Are there any minimalist cases for the Note 7 that should be on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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