Avoid disaster by getting a screen protector for your new phone.

The Pixel 3 is here, and it’ll be in the hands of awaiting customers soon. But as great as it is to get a new toy, that can immediately turn to disappointment if things go sideways. Fortunately, there are a few screen protectors to protect that awesome display. Here are the best screen protectors for the Google Pixel 3!

Triple threat

Mr Shield for Google Pixel 3

It never hurts to have spares, and this pack from Mr Shield includes three tempered glass screen protectors for your Pixel 3. You get cutouts at the top and bottom for the front speakers and standard features like scratch resistance and 9H hardness. The kit includes everything you need for installation, including extra alcohol wipes and sticky tabs for when you need to attach the second or third protector.

$ 7 at Amazon

Tip Top

TopACE Google Pixel 3 Screen Protector

We’ve had no problems recommending TopACE screen protectors in the past, and we have no problem with this one. This is a single pack, with cutouts for the speakers, cameras, and proximity sensors on the front. TopACE states the screen protector is slim enough to fit under most cases, and you won’t have any air bubbles after installation. The screen protector is scratch- and fingerprint-resistant, so your phone will look its best.

$ 9 at Amazon

Double trouble

Wellci Google Pixel 3 Screen Protector

This two-pack of screen protectors is great if you and your partner both get a Pixel 3, or if you just want a backup. You get cutouts for the speakers, front cameras, and proximity sensor, and standard features like an oleophobic coating to keep fingerprints away, as well as scratch resistance. The screen protector should also be thin enough to fit under most cases.

$ 11 at Amazon


Zagg InvisibleShield Glass+ Screen Protector

This screen protector from Zagg has a generous cutout at the top for the speaker and all the sensors, and a small one at the bottom for the second speaker. The screen protector is scratch- and fingerprint-resistant, so your phone will always look as good as the day you bought it. Zagg also claims the screen protector has built-in blue light filtering, so you should have less eye strain after looking at your phone all day.

$ 45 at Best Buy

All of these screen protectors would be great on your phone, but I’m leaning towards the Zagg InvisibleShield myself. I’ve used and enjoyed ZAGG screen protectors in the past, so I know they can make a great piece of glass. Having said that, you can’t go wrong with any of these picks.

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