Which screen protectors work best with cases for Galaxy S8?

To protect or not to protect? That is the question many of us are asking as we debate whether or not to buy screen protectors and cases for the beautifully designed Samsung Galaxy S8

In the forums, there’s been a pretty great discussion on the merits of using a screen protector at all on the Galaxy S8. Some folks swear that improvements to Gorilla Glass over the years have made screen protectors obsolete and question why anyone would want to possibly affect the clarity or touch sensitivity of the GS8’s beautiful display.

On the other hand, a number of people have had screen protectors take the brunt of drops or scratches, while keeping their phone’s screen safe from harm and point out that a purse or something in your pocket (or even those little rivets just outside the front pockets on a pair of jeans) can cause damage seemingly out of nowhere. Fact is, as tough as Gorilla Glass has become, it is always possible for it to get scratched or broken.

No matter where you fall on the debate, the fact is that it’s hard to find a screen protector — especially one made of tempered glass — that accommodates the curved screen of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ and also lets you use the case of your choosing. Here are a couple options pulled from the forums that seem really promising.

Whitestone Dome Glass

The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector was another option that was getting people talking in the forums. The big selling feature for this wet install screen protector is its unique curing process, which uses UV light.

It’s proven to be a very popular screen protector and is currently on sale for $ 30, down from $ 60. Check out this review and installation guide to get an idea of how this tempered glass screen protector uniquely adheres like no other screen protector you’ve seen before. If the worst case scenario has already occurred and your screen is cracked, think of this as a second chance screen before dropping hundreds of dollars on a proper replacement screen. With a UV light packaged to complete the curing process, this is a pricier option than other screen protectors out there, but based on video review and reviews on Amazon it’s an early favorite. I guess time will tell how well the Whitestone Dome Glass holds up in real-life use.

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Spigen NeoFlex screen protector (2-pack)

Spigen makes great cases for the Galaxy S8, so it only makes sense that they’d also offer a screen protector that’s compatible with cases.

This recommendation came from the AC community, and if you’re alright with settling for a film screen protector with a wet installation, you should be happy dropping $ 8 for a two-pack. Because it’s a flexible film, the NeoFlex can offer full protection for your screen without affecting the touch responsiveness. Paired with a case, your Galaxy S8 should be protected from drops and also save from scratches on the screen.

Spigen recommends installing the screen protector with a case already on — and if you haven’t bought a case yet, Spigen has a great selection of cases to choose from.

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iTURBOS 3D PET Film Screen Protector (2-pack)

Recommended by neil_sugarbush in the comments, the iTURBOS two-pack of plastic film screen protectors are compatible with even the most rugged cases. That’s in part due to these being PET film screen protectors rather than tempered glass.

This is a paper-thin screen protector that you will hardly notice after a clean installation. These screen protectors have an oleophobic coating to help prevent fingerprints and smudges and are easy to install. With over 100 5-star reviews on Amazon, you can buy with confidence. Get your two-pack of case-friendly screen protectors from iTURBOS for just $ 8.

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Ringke Invisible Defender Full Coverage Screen Protector

Ringke makes some quality accessories and their screen protector for the Galaxy S8 stands out from the rest for the wings that wrap around the sides of your phone. Recommended by Sdot312 in the comments, there are a few benefits to this unique screen protector style. Since the film wraps around the edges, you have the button cutouts to help you achieve the perfect fit giving you the full protection you desire while also helping to prevent the edges from peeling up with a case installed too.

These screen protectors are made of crystal clear urethane material and can be yours for just $ 10. The kit includes everything you’ll need for a clean installation, along with an extra screen protector in case your first one takes a beating and needs to be replaced.

You can also get a two-pack for the Galaxy S8+, too, if you’re rocking the larger device.

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Armorsuit MilitaryShield Galaxy S8 Screen Protector

Made with a durable military-grade film, the Armorsuit MilitaryShield is a thin screen protector that offers edge-to-edge protection. It requires a wet installation, with all the required tools and wipes included in the box. Armorsuit claims that this protector is virtually scratch-proof, with self-healing technology that will help eliminate any minor scratches from keys or pocket sand. It’s available for just $ 8.

As with most wet install screen protectors, you need to let this thing sit and dry for a good long time (up to 12 hours) to ensure proper adhesion and get a nice clean fit. Attempt to put on a case too soon and you’ll have issues around the edges.

This was recommended by PJRed2008 in the forums, who admittedly had issues with their first screen protector and had to get new ones sent out made from an updated template. Since receiving the replacement, they’ve had no issues. If you ever have an issue with it, you’ll want to follow suit and contact Armorsuit’s customer service to take advantage of that lifetime replacement warranty.

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Where do you land on the screen protector debate?

Are screen protectors and cases a must-buy for any new phone you own or do you prefer the naked look and feel? Have you had hands-on experience with a screen protector that others should know about? Let us know in the comments!

Update December 2017: The Whitestone Dome Glass is still your best bet for protecting your Galaxy S8 screen — and it’s currently on sale for jut $ 30!

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