Keep track of your weight loss with some smart scale help!

Whether you’re just beginning your weight loss journey or you’re deep into a workout regimen and just want to start tracking your weight, BMI, and more, a smart scale is an awesome way to keep your fitness goals in check. These scales connect to a corresponding app on your phone or tablet and show you comprehensive results that you wouldn’t get from a regular ol’ bathroom scale.

The scales you find below ain’t heavy — they’re our favorites!

Eufy BodySense

The Eufy BodySense smart scale is a fast and accurate scale the combines great functionality with an easy-to-swallow price (about $ 46), making it one of the best smart scales available. The companion app is easy to use and intuitive, and it’s Google Fit-compatible if you prefer to store your health data that way.

You can pair it with up to 20 accounts (because we all have families from the 1800s), and it actually looks pretty snazzy as far as scales go. For more, check out Marc Lagace’s full review below!

Eufy BodySense smart scale: Simply the best

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Fitbit Aria 2

The Fitbit Aria 2 features a polished glass surface with a digital display that syncs your weight, BMI, and body fat percentages straight to your Fitbit account. This smart scale recognizes up to 8 users and keeps everyone’s results separated and private. You can pair the Aria with any Fitbit tracker, including the Fitbit Charge 2 or the Fitbit Blaze, and keep track of your results using the Fitbit Android app or on the Fitbit website. The Aria 2 can register weights up to 350 pounds and distinguishes between users by individual weights and body fat percentages. $ 130 at Fitbit.

Fitbit Aria 2 review

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Withings Body

The Withings Body smart scale is a comprehensive scale that gives you a total-body readout, complete with high-accuracy weight, BMI, body fat, muscle mass, bone mass, and even water measurements, using what Withings calls “Position Control” technology.

The Withings Body is great for the whole family (as Phil explains in the above Modern Dad video), because you can add everyone in the app and, based on weight, the scale can tell who’s on it, sending the correct information to the app for the correct user — and you don’t have to do a thing.

This scale also looks great, with a shiny, modern blue finish that almost looks black. $ 122 on Amazon.

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Weight Gurus Smart Scale

Sporting a larger LCD display with a bright blue backlight is this smart scale from Weight Gurus. Along with measuring your weight and BMI, this scale covers key factors like lean mass, body fat, bone mass, and even water weight. Using 4 high-precision sensors, it provides accurate measurements every time you step on its tempered glass surface. The scale syncs to your Android device via Bluetooth to the Weight Gurus app, Fitbit, Google Fit, and more. Powered by 4 AAA batteries, the Weight Gurus Smart Scale features a 400 pound capacity. This is a great, less expensive option, at $ 50.

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Garmin Index Smart Scale

This sleek smart scale from Garmin is quick to set up via Wi-Fi and tracks a slew of in-depth metrics including body weight ,BMI, water percentage and skeletal muscle mass. Able to recognize 16 different users through the Garmin Connect app, simply step on the Garmin Index and it will and automatically upload data straight to your specific account. And with extra-large white-on-black numbers, it’s always easy to read the display, even in the dark. The Garmin Index Smart Scale is available in white or black options for just $ 130, and works well with Garmin’s Vivofit activity trackers and Vivoactive smartwatch in your quest to crush your fitness goals.

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WiTscale S220

More affordable than the average smart scale is the WiTscale S200 which uses 4 highly sensitive sensors to measure your body weight and BMI. With a maximum capacity of 330 pounds, this smart scale features a tempered glass surface with a 3.5-inch LCD display that’s easy to read. The WiTscale is powered by 2 AA batteries that are included and it tracks all your data in a single graph that you can share through social media. Although the Bluetooth Scale app for Android leaves much to be desired, it still provides accurate weight readings, making it hard to argue with for $ 20.

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Polar Balance

The new Polar Balance smart scale offers an easy way to monitor your weight using the Polar Flow Android app. Its weight capacity of nearly 400 pounds, matched with advanced activity control, provides a personalized daily activity goal to help you reach your goal weight. The “weight speedometer” will tell you how hard you need to work out each day and how many calories you need to burn to meet the goals you’ve set. The Balance also works great with Polar’s wearables like the A300, Loop, and A360 if you’re after complete tracking of all your activities. $ 99 on Amazon and it comes in white.

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Yunmai Smart Scale

If you’re on a budget, but still want smart scale functionality that’s reliable and easy to set up, check out this scale from Yunmai. It’ll provide you with 10 body measurements, like weight, BMI, body fat, hydration, and more.

You can track up to 16 users and setup takes only 5 seconds, so for about $ 40, you’re in for a hell of a deal. The app is a bit difficult to use, since it’s seemingly directly translated from Chinese, but for $ 40, you put up with the little things.

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Updated January 2018: Added the Eufy BodySense and added pricing to each item, a link to Marc Lagace’s review on the Fitbit Aria 2, and removed the UA scale due to poor reviews, as well as the Archos scale, due to lack of availability.

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