There’s no way something this inexpensive and lacking any real tech can be any good, right? RIGHT?

You can spend a lot of money on a speaker. Or you can spend a little. But you’ll forgive my skepticism of a cheaply produced commercial that lauds the merits of a speaker that lacks Bluetooth, or even a line-in option.

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No, BoomTouch is one of those things that you see on on TV — As Seen on TV!!! — and think “there’s just no way this thing can be any good, right?” I mean, it’s a $ 20 speaker that uses magnets to transmit sound from your phone to the speaker. No wires. No Bluetooth. Just magnetic magic.

Well guess what. It sorta kinda works not too horribly! I know, right, that’s not exactly a glowing endorsement. But have a listen. It’s surprisingly good! Or at least surprisingly not horrible. Is this the sort of thing I’d want in my living room? No. Is this the sort of thing I’d send with my kids to the beach, to be baked in the sun and buried in sand? Absolutely.

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