Tech media spends so much time covering social networks, online communication, and all things digital or virtual that it can sometimes be tough to remember that people actually meet in real life. But even when faced with those IRL moments, we can’t help but bring the digital world back into the equation with things like Bump.

Bump is an Android and iOS app that allows users to exchange information by lightly bumping their phones together. When we first covered the app, it was just a catchy way to send contact information without doing the awkward dance of saying a phone number over loud noise of a convention or social gathering. Bump has since grown to be a way to share contacts, photos, app recommendations, and text – even if you aren’t next to each other.

The folks at Bump sent us an interesting infographic showing how their 50 million users Bump information; and since we’re suckers for complicated data being simplified with pretty pictures, we figured we’d share the image with the readers as well.

Click image to see full-size graphic

A few items from the graphic jump out of me, particularly days and times that Bump sees its heaviest traffic. I always envisioned it as the convenient way to exchange contact info without fumbling for business cards, but the night time and weekend spikes in use show that it’s a much bigger player at bars and parties. I was also shocked to see 267 million photos bumped because I never really use the app for that purpose; I always assume someone will post the photo on Facebook or I can text them later and have it forwarded.

Download Bump from the Android Market if you want to be User # 50,000,001. You’ll join the company of many people in North America, western Europe, and a couple of brave souls in North Korea.

Thanks, Bump

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