Two great devices, one big savings.

Amazon is bundling the Ring Video Doorbell Pro with its Echo Spot for $ 278, a savings of $ 102 compared to buying the two separately. At first glance, it may seem like a bit of an odd pairing, but the two of these devices actually work quite well together. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro allows you to answer your door and interact with the people on the other end from anywhere in the world right from your phone or from the Echo Spot.

You’ll need to set up the Ring skill in the Alexa app before you’re able to use the Spot to communicate with the doorbell. In addition to being able to work with your doorbell, the Spot can also handle video calls between compatible Echo devices, help you with recipes, conversions, control other smart home gear, and more.

If you’ve considered buying either, or both, of these items in the past, you’ll want to use this bundle as a way to do so and save some money in the process.

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