New Google Cast device set to arrive at October 4 Pixel event.

Google’s rumored next-generation Chromecast has leaked out ahead of its expected October 4 launch. The new streaming puck, which will reportedly debut alongside the new Pixel phones and Google Home, and maybe a whole bunch of other crazy stuff, has been revealed for the first time by prolific leaker Evan Blass over at VentureBeat.

The new device looks a lot like the current Chromecast, except for a few extra visual flourishes — notably the big “G” logo we’re also expecting to see on Google’s new phones. It does appear a little smaller than Google’s current streaming gadget, but it’s hard to get an accurate sense of scale from a render like this. Regardless, it’ll be small enough to fit behind your TV, and it’ll stream 4K video wirelessly. Blass reports that the Ultra will sell for $ 69, nearly double the year-old $ 35 model. That suggests Google might keep the older Chromecast around even after the Ultra goes on sale, for folks wanting to stream at 1080p.

Blass reports that the latest Chromecast firmware preview also features the “G” logo prominently where there was “Chromecast” before. So it’ll be interesting to see how Google’s hardware shake-up affects its casting product.

For now, we’re left waiting at least another week to get our hands on affordable 4K streaming.

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