Chronicle is joining the Alphabet family alongside the likes of Google, Nest, and Waymo.

Google, Nest, and Waymo are some of the biggest names that live under the Alphabet conglomerate that was launched back in 2015, and on January 24, Chronicle became the latest to join it. Chronicle is a cybersecurity firm that first got started in the X moonshot factory nearly two years ago, but it’s now ready to launch as its own independent company.

Chronicle will be focused on two main areas, including the launch of a brand-new cybersecurity platform for enterprises and maintaining the VirusTotal malware intelligence system that Google purchased back in 2012.

Since Chronicle will be basing its new cybersecurity platform on the same infrastructure used by other Alphabet companies, it’ll have a few key advantages over its competitors, including faster data retrieval and the ability to offer companies larger storage amounts at lower costs. Add this together with machine learning technology improved search features, and Chronicle is already off to a pretty great start.

Chronicle says that it’s been working with a number of Fortune 500 companies to help shape its direction since it was first started in February of 2016, and some of its hires include cybersecurity expert Carey Nachenberg and Will Robinson, a Google engineer of 13 years.

Per Chronicle’s Stephen Gillett:

None of us have to settle for cybercrime being a fact of life, or for a reactive, expensive existence of cleanup and damage control. We’re looking forward to working with many organizations in the coming years to give good the advantage again.

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