Users who bought the Essential phone are now faced with shipping delays.

The Essential Phone was announced near the end of May, with the promise the device would ship sometime in June. June and July came and went, and last week, Essential announced the phone was finally available for purchase from its own site and retail partners. However, the saga is not yet over.

Numerous Android Central forum users are reporting that they have not received shipping notices, despite Essential’s promises that the device would ship within seven days of purchase. Essential is using a third party service, Affirm, to handle the shipping and customer service for the device. Some users have had luck with Affirm, while others are unable to contact the company to cancel their orders. Our one and only Mr. Mobile tried and failed to cancel his order for a few days before getting the cancellation processed.

Meanwhile, users that preordered from Best Buy are reporting that they are not expecting to receive the device until September 8. Best Buy’s website lists September 8 for the shipping date right now, so buying the phone straight from Essential will still probably be faster.

Essential acknowledged the shipping issues in a tweet and said orders would be shipping soon. We will update this article if users begin receiving tracking information.

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