Someone at flickr must have gotten the memo that Android is quite popular with the young folks. After 2 years of promoting its iPhone app and doing absolutely nothing for the once-ignored mobile operating system, the official flickr Android app is finally official.

There’s a small silver lining to the neglect – Flickr for Android actually has features not yet offered in the iPhone version. Available now for Android 2.1 or higher devices, flickr is both a photo browser and a camera alternative app with photo filters. GigaOM’s Colleen Taylor suggests that this could “Take some air out of Instagram’s upcoming Android debut,” but there are already a few other apps tasked with that mission.

flickr includes a “shoot & share” camera that allows users to change settings to personalize an image from the camera or gallery. They can then add 10 filters and effects that change the image’s tone, which is part of the appeal of Instagram. (I’d say its filters are more about photo improvements that the more noticeable changes made by most photo filter apps.) Users can then post the image directly to flickr with details, as well as export the photo to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or email. Flickr has always been a popular photo sharing service for photographers and hobbyists, but with this app, it could gain traction with average consumers.

At the moment, the app appears to be dreadfully slow and not as fluid or functional as other photo apps in this class. However, the good news is that users can view the incoming stream of photos shared by their friends. There’s room for speed improvements, but flickr users who have been clamoring for a way to browse their friends photos finally have an official app to do it. In addition to browsing a friend’s photos, users can see their entire flickr photos and manage privacy settings directly from the app.

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