Thinking of putting down the DualShock? You have options.

One of the best-kept secrets on the PlayStation 4 is that it totally supports the use of mouse and keyboard. While it is true that mouse and keyboard input is not supported on all games, there are enough of them that do support it to justify picking up some extra hardware for your PS4. We gathered together some of the best options for you right here!

Wireless and low priced

Logitech K380

If you are looking for a simple keyboard that is wireless, compact, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, you might want to consider this little buddy from Logitech. There isn’t a lot to this keyboard with the round buttons but its low price makes it a fine little piece of hardware that gets the job done.

$ 28 at Amazon

Wireless with numpad

Logitech K800

If you like the simplicity of the Logitech K380 but you need just a little more, check out the K800. It’s still doesn’t brandish a bunch of bells and whistles but it does offer a numpad which can be an important addition for some gamers.

$ 62 at Amazon

Wireless LEDs

Drevo Calibur

Ok, so you don’t really care whether or not your keyboard has a numpad but you do want a little flash. If that’s the case, this keyboard might be perfect for you. The Drevo Calibur is wireless and also offers some stunning LED action.

$ 63 at Amazon

Wired with bells and whistles

Redragon K552-BB

If you are looking for a serious bang for your buck, you need to look no further. This keyboard has almost everything. Mechanical keys and an LED backlight will have you in gaming heaven. You will also get a mouse and a headset. If you are looking to get fully outfitted this is one heck of a deal!

$ 50 Amazon

Wired for tournaments

Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition

Razer is certainly one of the top names in gaming accessories and this simple wired gaming keyboard certainly shows it. If you are on the hunt for a really nice gaming keyboard to leave with your PS4 but you don’t want to break the bank while you do it, this Razer keyboard might just do the job.

$ 60 at Amazon

Wired mechanical with LEDs

Klim wired keyboard

So you want a wired mechanical keyboard but you don’t want to spend a pretty penny on it. Behold the Klim keyboard. For only $ 30 you will get mechanical keys, a numpad and LED backlighting. It’s a great entry level keyboard or perfect as a secondary keyboard to keep with your PS4.

$ 30 at Amazon

Whatever keyboard you choose to use with your PS4, I hope that it makes your gaming experience a little better. Game on!

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