Late last year, Google rolled out a handy feature that allowed Google Assistant, by way of its Google Home smart speakers, to handle two commands at once.

This meant you didn’t have to keep saying “Ok, Google” with each individual command, making everything a bit more streamlined. Now, the company has officially confirmed that it is rolling out support for Google Home to hear that special prompt and then keep tabs on three separate commands.

Of course, you can also say, “Hey, Google” to get the Assistant listening. Either way, once you offer the prompt and Assistant starts listening, you can ask the digital personal assistant to tell you the weather, start playing some music, and ask about your commute.

This particular feature is rolling out right now, but only for English speakers in the United States. But additional languages and regions are planned for a later rollout. This is a gradual rollout, too, so it might take a couple of days before you can actually use it.

How often do you use the Google Assistant on your Google Home speaker(s)?

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