One year after launching Fast Pair to streamline the Bluetooth pairing process, Google announced today that it’s updating the feature.

Google is updating Fast Pair to make it easier for people to connect compatible Bluetooth accessories to Android devices associated with their Google Account. Fast Pair will connect accessories to your current and future phones running Android 6.0 or higher, and Google says that it’s planning to add support for Chromebooks in 2019.

Google’s effort to improve Fast Pair also extends to working with Bluetooth device makers. Google is working closely with companies like Jaybird, Anker, and Bose, who will release Fast Pair-compatible products over the coming months.

Pairing a new pair of Bluetooth headphones or a speaker can be a pain, so these improvements to Fast Pair are welcome. Now your pairing data will be synced across devices that are attached to your account to help make Fast Pair-ing even better, and with more devices coming with Fast Pair support, more people should get the opportunity to use this feature soon.

Have you tried Fast Pair yet?

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