Factory images and OTA files are available now.

It’s been a little less than a month since Google launched Android P‘s Developer Preview 2, and right on schedule, the company’s now pushing out Developer Preview 3.

Both the factory images and OTA files for DP3 were recently added to the Android Developer website, and one of the highlights for this update includes the ability for developers to publish apps to Google Play’s alpha and beta channels as they continue to test their software with Android P.

Developer Preview 3 also bumps up Android P to API level 28, a new BiometricPrompt API to standardize authentication from biometric systems (such as fingerprint sensors and face unlock), and more.

As for user-facing changes, Developer Preview 3 includes 157 new emoji — including red hair, superhero, lobster, lama, and more. There are also updates to existing emoji, including a more cooked-looking bacon and egg being removed from the salad emoji so that it’s vegan. Google’s really doing the Lord’s work, here.

You can manually load Developer Preview 3 onto your device right now, and if you’re enrolled in the Android Beta Program, an over-the-air update should be made available soon.

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