After months of rumors and speculation, we finally know the date on which we’ll get to see Google’s new Nexus smartphones. Google is sending invitations for an event that’s taking place at 9:00 am PT on September 29. Google says that it’ll show “some new treats” at the event and then let attendees spend some hands-on time with ‘em after the presentation.


It’s widely expected that Google will shown the LG Nexus 5X and Huawei Nexus 6P at this event. Exactly when the new phones will launch is still unknown, but in recent years, Google has began selling its new Nexus products shortly after their unveiled. In addition to these new Nexus phones, it’s rumored that Google will show a new Chromecast at its September 29 event. The streaming dongle will reportedly have a new look and offer faster Wi-Fi, among other tweaks.

Which of Google’s expected September 29 announcements are you most excited for?

Source: Tech Insider

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