We may be Google fanboys, but it’s obvious that Amazon has long dominated the smart speaker game. But that may be changing soon, because in Q1 of 2018, Google beat Amazon in smart speaker sales for the first time.

Google sold 3.2 million devices during that time compared to Amazon’s 2.5 million in sales. It’s not a huge difference, but Google’s sales have quickly been catching up in the last year. This might be the turning point for the smart speaker game.

However, the competition is getting stronger outside of the two giants. Tmall Genie shipped 1.1 million speakers during that timne, with China being the main market. Xiaomi is also getting bigger with 600,000 sales of the Xiao AI speaker.

We’ll just have to wait and see how the smart speaker game moves forward, and if competitors from China will finally enter the US market.

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