Google today announced changes to the Developer Distribution Agreement that should make things a little easier on us, the paying customer.

Three things of note:

  • Developers who offer paid applications or in-app purchases will have three business days to respond to customer support inquiries, or 24 hours if it’s something “stated to be urgent by Google.” Contact info must also be correct, and Google now has more leeway to pull apps that are deemed security risks. That could get interesting. (Section 3.6)
  • Google’s updated some of the marketing language, crossing the i’s and dotting the t’s — wait, reverse that — so it can promote apps and introduce new features more quickly and easily. (Section 5.1)
  • And Google’s updated some of the language regarding the VAT tax for customers in the EU. It’ll now handle VAT tax for apps and content — devs won’t have to do a thing on that end. (Section 3.4)

You can read the full Developer Distribution Agreement here.

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