While some updates for Android are given stage time at Google’s events (like I/O or when they’re unveiling a new smartphone), and sometimes they’re quietly added to the mix.

This appears to be one of the quieter updates. Google recently updated its help page pertaining to spam calls to note that the phone app for Android can not only weed out spam calls, but now it can prevent those potentially annoying calls from barging in on you. With this new feature switched on, it means your phone won’t ring, and you won’t even get a notification that you missed a call. It will just get forwarded to voicemail.

And even if those callers do leave a voicemail, you still won’t get notified about it. You will still be able to see filtered calls, and you can still check your voicemails when you want.

If you want to turn on the feature, head into the phone’s Settings –> Caller ID & Spam, and then select the Caller ID & spam toggle. And then if you want to switch off notifications for those spam calls, select the “Filter spam calls” option.

It’s easy enough to switch on, which is a nice touch. And as long as it works, that’s even better. Spam calls are always annoying, and being able to quickly banish them without even getting a notification is great.

Are you turning on this feature?

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