The Huawei Mate 10 might not be a smartphone, but it will be packed with some pretty interesting AI tech.

Huawei is scheduled to host a press event in just a couple weeks on October 16 to unveil its Mate 10 flagship phone, and leading up to said event, Huawei has released a promo video to tout the Mate 10’s biggest feature – artificial intelligence.

In the promo video, Huawei says that the Mate 10 “sees”, “thinks”, and “learns” just like humans do, and that the phone is “alive with potential” to “unlock your potential.” Huawei’s main focus for the video revolves around the tagline “This is not a smartphone”, suggesting that the Mate 10’s AI capabilities will be able to go above and beyond what our current handsets are capable of.

We already know that the Kirin 970 processor powering the Mate 10 will feature its own neural processing unit, and although we aren’t entirely sure what the full potential of this chip will mean for the phone, Huawei has said that the Kirin 970 and its AI tech will be able to process image recognition of 200 images in 6 seconds and produce photos that are sharper in less time.’

As for the Mate 10 being able to see, think, and learn, those are features that we’re going to have to see shown off at Huawei’s event before we really understand what’s being touted here. Services like the Google Assistant and Alexa are already extremely helpful for performing a wide array of voice commands, but the system that Huawei’s describing sounds like it’ll go deeper than what we’ve seen from AI systems in smartphones to-date.

It’s still up in the air as to whether or not Huawei will be able to deliver on the promises it’s making for its latest smartphone that’s not a smartphone, but thankfully we only have a few more days to wait to see what the Mate 10 smartphone brings to the table.

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