The LG G3 is renowned for its slim bezels and is an engineering marvel when it comes to design, but the company were constantly pushing for even slimmer bezels.

According to Chul Bae Lee, the VP of LG Mobile’s design lab, the executive team were constantly urging the engineers to decrease the width of the LG G3′s bezel even more, but were only stopped by technical restrictions.

In order to accommodate this large screen, the bezel has to be very slim, that’s a given condition. I kept squeezing my engineers to make it slimmer and slimmer. They are all my friends but they didn’t meet my expectations and this is the best we can do as of today. It is still one of the best in the market and it is all related to the technology development as well.

Any slimmer and the device would have been simply unstable and wouldn’t have passed LG’s quality control test, notably the four-feet drop test. Another option would have been to use thicker glass for the display, which again wouldn’t be an option in order to retain the thinness of the device.

LG feel that they got the perfect balance between bezel size and robustness of the device. What do you guys think?

SOURCE: TrustedReviews

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