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OhMiBod is no stranger when it comes to sex toys. With their huge line of luxury vibrators, they’ve been pushing the limits of what can be done with sex toys since 2006. You may remember blueMotion – the vibrator that connects to your smartphone through an app, giving the user unlimited customizable vibration patterns. Everything with the product worked very well, except for one thing – the vibrator wouldn’t work over long distances, unlike some others we’ve seen in the past.

That’s where their new IndieGoGo campaign comes in to play.

They’re working on an update to the app that would enable users to connect through WiFi, rather than having to stay in the same room as their partner. With the addition of WiFi capabilities, users will have real-time control over their partner’s vibrator whether they’re 10 or 10,000 miles apart. Adding WiFi capabilities to an app is no inexpensive feat, unfortunately. That’s why the company is looking for donations to hit their $ 20,000 goal. 

The fundraising campaign just began today, May 6th, and will run until June 19th. Forty-five days is quite a long time to raise this amount, considering it is already 16% funded with over $ 3,000.

Once the app has been funded and developed, the WiFi-capable version will be available from an IAP in the original OhMiBod remote app. Check out the video below for more details.

What you get when you donate

Aside from the usual “your donation is appreciated” spiel, there are some perks that come along with your donation. If you pledge $ 89, you can get your hands on a blueMotion vibrator before it becomes available for retail. Considering that the original price of the blueMotion was $ 129, this is a pretty great deal. 

Head here if you’d like to donate to the IndieGoGo campaign. If you’re interested in anything else from OhMiBod, visit their official website.

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