It’s always fun to see what kinds of apps are out there that push the boundaries of what our devices can do. For those of you who want to be able to share things between your smartphone and laptop or desktop computer, you should absolutely try Pushbullet. It’s a neat app that makes it easy to “push” a link, file attachment, street address, list, or a quick message between your phone and computer, and it’s all possible by downloading the app, creating an account, signing into that account on your computer, and voila! You are then able to quickly push all sorts of stuff from your laptops’s web browser to your phone and vice versa.


Pushbullet browser



There are a number of situations that make Pushbullet very handy, such as pushing websites to your phone as you’re about to leave your desktop, or pushing a cool photo you took with your phone to your laptop for editing, or even pushing a street address really fast to a friend who you can add to your send list.

Probably my favorite part of the app is the mirroring feature, which displays your phones notifications at the bottom left corner of your computer when you get them. This allows you to see your phones activity while on your laptop, so you don’t miss something important while your phone is somewhere else. This is a great app that binds your smartphone to your computer or other devices so you don’t have to sweat about transferring data the hard way.

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