Most technology lives in a monotone world of monochromatic black, white, and steely grays, but Amazon knows that kids don’t tolerate any boring in their lives, and so the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition comes with a child-friendly bumper in one of three bright, bold colors. Now, the question is: which color is the best one for you?

I’m Blue, da ba dee da ba daa

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition Blue

Blue is true, and forget those sappy connotations that blue is sad, kiddo! Blue is the color of cool! Blue jeans are cool. Stitch is blue, and he’s about the coolest dog in the universe. The TARDIS is blue, and Doctor Who is nerdy and cool! Bonus! Whether you’re sailing across the ocean blue or flying to Neverland, Blue is classic, cool, and ready to roll with the adventure that’s about to unfold.

$ 70 at Amazon

Slimy, scaly, ooey, gooey green

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition Green

I know, I know, green is the color of broccoli, and peas, and that stewed cabbage that should constitute a war crime. But you know what else is green? Dinosaurs! Snakes! Slime — well, at least the Nickelodeon kind… Uncharted jungles filled with treasure and booby traps and pirates! Ben 10, owner of the smartest watch in the galaxy! Am I forgetting anyone else? “HULK SMASH!!!!!”

$ 70 at Amazon

Red is for lovers, fighters, and lead characters

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition Red

Red is the beginning of the rainbow and it’s a color associated with a whole, whole lot of characters: Lightning McQueen, Mickey Mouse, Elmo, Optimus Prime, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, the Red Ranger — not to mention the leader of almost every superhero squad ever! Whether your room is filled with fire trucks, race cars, tea parties, or magical ponies, red can go with all of it.

$ 70 at Amazon

Red is fiery and passionate, but I’m a blue girl. Blue is so much easier to hide in plain sight, and blue goes with so many different worlds and adventures: from the ocean to the sky, from Sapphires and TARDISes to Cinderella and Aurora, it fits with everything. And no matter what color you pick, remember: no color is permanent as long as you have stickers!

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