The waiting game continues.

On February 8, Samsung confirmed that Android Oreo was finally being released for the Galaxy S8/S8+. This came as exciting news for owners of the two phones, but just less than a week after the update’s been out in the wild, Samsung’s announced that it’s pulling the plug on it.

SamMobile was the first to report on this news, and it appears that the current Oreo update has made its way to users in Germany, France, Belgium, Norway, Turkey, India, Poland, and other regions. Anyone that already received and installed the update will be able to continue to use the S8/S8+ like normal and enjoy everything that Oreo has to offer, but everyone else will have to keep using Nougat until Samsung announces otherwise.

It’s unclear why Samsung’s canceling this update (ironically it has the firmware name of G950/G955-FXXU1CRAP), but it’s likely there was a bug or something else that Samsung deemed reason enough to halt the rollout.

When will Samsung’s next Oreo update be ready for primetime? Unfortunately, that’s another unknown we’re dealing with. I can’t imagine it’d take too long to get a resolved Oreo build put together, but then again, this is Samsung we’re talking about.

Oreo update for Galaxy S8 does not support Project Treble

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