A couple of months away from the expected debut of the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung has taken the wraps off of a different Galaxy Note smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition will officially launch in South Korea on July 7th at a price of 699,600 KRW ($ 611 USD). Samsung plans to offer 400,000 units of the limited edition device in Korea, with sales in other markets to be decided later. Samsung explains that the Galaxy Note Fan Edition is made with unused Note 7 parts. This way Samsung is able to minimize waste by using the Note 7 parts that it already has, the company explains.

galaxynotefaneditionfrontaam While the device looks fairly similar to a Galaxy Note 7, there are a few notable changes. For example, the Galaxy Note Fan Edition has a 3200mAh battery, which is smaller than the Note 7’s 3500mAh battery. Samsung also says that it’s put the Galaxy Note Fan Edition’s battery through an 8-point safety check to prevent it from overheating and catching fire like some Galaxy Note 7 units did. Samsung has also updated the Galaxy Note Fan Edition to include the same user experience as the Galaxy S8, complete with Bixby features like Bixby Home and Bixby Reminders. Around on the back of the new phone is “Galaxy Note Fan Edition”, and it’s received some new packaging, too.


While the Galaxy Note 8 is getting close, rumors have suggested that Samsung’s new flagship could cost around $ 900 when it launches. While the Galaxy Note Fan Edition isn’t exactly cheap, it is likely to cost less than the Note 8, so it could be an option for folks that want a newer Android phone but want to save some cash on it. Would you buy the Galaxy Note Fan Edition if it were offered in your country?

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