We might be several months away from Samsung announcing the Galaxy S10, but that isn’t stopping the rumor mill from trying to paint a picture of what we can expect from the upcoming handset.

Last week, we heard that the future flagship smartphone will come to market in three variants, with the top-of-the-line Galaxy S10+ featuring three cameras on the back. Now a new report supports that claim and adds that there might even be a pair of cameras on the front.

The Bell is reporting that the Galaxy S10+ is going to boast five cameras. It reiterates that the device will have three cameras on the back, with one of them being a 16-megapixel 120-degree wide angle lens. There will also be two cameras up front, giving us five in total. The Galaxy S10 may copy the three rear camera setup of the larger variant but only boast one front camera, and the lower cost Galaxy S10 variant may have a pair of cameras on the back and one camera on the front.

Throwing in five cameras on the S10+ won’t count for much if the performance isn’t there, but this is Samsung we’re talking about, so hopefully that won’t be a concern when next year rolls around. It will be interesting to see what Samsung does with its pair of front-facing cameras. Will it be utilized for a face unlock feature? Rumor has it that the company is going to drop the iris scanner in next year’s flagship.

Are you excited for five cameras in the upcoming Galaxy S10+?

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