Samsung’s new tablet is ditching the physical home button.

It’s been well over a year since the Galaxy Tab S3 was released, and at some point this year, we’re expecting Samsung to follow it up with the Tab S4. Thanks to a new render from Android Headlines, we have a pretty good idea as to what the thing will look like.

Right off the bat, one of the most notable changes from the Tab S3 is the display. The bezels have been slimmed down considerably, and along with more display area, this will also likely result in a tweaked aspect ratio now that the screen’s being stretched to cover more space.

We can see a front-facing camera at the very top with a couple other sensors (iris scanning?), and unlike all previous Galaxy Tab devices, the Tab S4 will not have a physical home button.

On the back is a single rear camera with an LED flash below it and the right side of the tablet is home to the power/lock button and volume rocker. There’s also an icon for what appears to be representing a wireless connection near the top right of the screen, hinting that the Tab S4 will get an LTE-equipped model.

The date on the lock screen shows Friday, August 24, and seeing as how IFA 2018 officially begins on August 31 with press conferences starting a few days before that, that’s likely where Samsung will officially take the wraps off this thing.

All that’s fine and dandy, but is anyone still interested in Android tablets in mid-2018? Let me know in the comments below.

I, for one, am totally OK with Chromebooks replacing Android tablets

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