More and more evidence is piling up that Samsung plans to compete with Google Glass in the wearables industry. We just learned recently that Samsung has a mighty lead over the current competition on the smartwatch industry, controlling over 70% of the market. Now we have evidence of a trademark for Galaxy Gear Blink in the Korean Intellectual Property Office.






The reported Galaxy Gear Blink has not been confirmed by Samsung and is likely to launch early next year.

Also in the database is the Samsung Rounded, which is likely to be the successor to the Galaxy Round, which never made it to the United States and was sold in limited quantities.

samsung_rounded_trademark samsung_rounded_trademark_2



Notice the word “Galaxy” is not in either of these devices, further signaling a desire for Samsung to move on from its successful Android-powered brand. Samsung hopes to one day power of of its devices with Tizen, its own operating system. However as Android has become more and more mature lately with just about the same amount of apps as Apple, it’ll be a difficult thing to convince its customers to ditch Android in the future.

All of this, of course, is just speculation and a while away. Sundar Pichai from Google not too long ago stated that Google’s relationship with Samsung has “no tension whatsoever” and that the “Galaxy S6 would sport Android so there is nothing to worry about.” Rest assured, it seems Google and Samsung are still close buddies.


source:Sammy Today

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