If you happen to fall into the Venn diagram of movie fans who are also in need of a new smartphone then Samsung has crafted the offer just for you. Now through the end of June if you purchase either a Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+, you are eligible for two 1-year subscriptions to MoviePass.

Just in case you aren’t familiar, MoviePass is the subscription service that allows you to see movies at most theaters in the U.S. (91% of theaters, they claim). The catches for the service are that you can’t see movies in 3D or IMAX and you can only see each specific movie once, but otherwise, it’s all you can watch. Those memberships are worth a total of $ 251.90 at current pricing, so it’s a solid offer if you like to watch movies in the theater and aren’t worried about the aforementioned issues.

According to Samsung you will receive your MoviePass code within 14 days of purchasing the phone, so you should be able to get your MoviePass in time to enjoy the summer blockbusters by the end of July.

Any film buffs thinking of taking Samsung up on the offer?

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