Samsung hasn’t been shy in attacking Apple for using notched displays. But the South Korean tech giant is eating its own words, as Samsung has announced that it will begin using notched displays in its 2019 smartphones. The company unveiled a lot during the keynote presentation of its developer conference and snuck this news in just before it revealed its foldable device.

Samsung is creating three notched displays, the Infinity U, V, and O. The Inifinity U mimics the Essential Phone by featuring a small rounded half-circle for the front camera. The Infinity V is the same concept, but with hard edges in a V shape, rather than rounded edges. The Infinity O has a complete circular opening on the left side of the display, with some screen real estate above. This concept is similar to the leaked ASUS Zenfone 6, and looks just as unpleasant.

Samsung also teased a New Infinity display that doesn’t have a notch. This, however, was not mentioned as something that would be coming soon, as the technology for this isn’t worked out yet. Nonetheless, we may see it the New Infinity display in 2020 and beyond.

Samsung’s mockery of the notch won’t be forgotten by critics of the design trend. It should be nothing if not entertaining to watch Samsung pivot its advertising to place the notch in a positive light, particularly after the above memorable and scathing ad from 2017.

The embrace of the notch by Samsung also marks a shift in design trend. The world’s largest smartphone maker hopping on board cements the controversial style into industry best practices. From here, we can expect nearly every, if not every, flagship device to feature a notched display.

How do you feel about Samsung’s shift on the notch?

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