Where we all resolve to chill out after a week of work.

I hope everyone had a great holiday, and the transition back to work after a few weeks of slacking off on the clock isn’t being too difficult. Sometimes the ramp up back to normal after the holidays can be horrible. And by sometimes I mean all the time.

Around here that means getting ready for CES and all the crapjunkcool things that will totally be awesome and not suck that come with it. We’ve got the regular crew on the way to the festivities and the rest of us are ready for the 2am emails from companies with news to share, and it’s always a rush to get things done (and done well) this time of year. I’m hoping to see some cool non-Android tech stuff in addition to the news about coming products or software from the companies we’re used to seeing it from, and have my fingers crossed that this year we will finally be able to buy our own authentic General Atomics Mr. Handy. Don’t judge, I have grass that won’t cut itself.

Since it’s a new year and the time to make promises to ourselves, it would be cool to share them here. I promise to eat more leafy green things and fewer things that also eat leafy green things. It’ll be tough because I loves me some rare meat, but if it gets my doctor and my wife to bug me about it less it will be worth it. Oh, the live longer part is kind of cool, too.

What about you? Share the things you’re going to do or not going to do in the comments!

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