Get ready to take on Romulans and the infamous Borg.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is already the ultimate way for Trekkies to live out their sci-fi dreams, but on May 22, developer Ubisoft will give players an extra special treat with the release of the game’s first big DLC – The Next Generation.

As the title suggests, this add-on will transport players to the world of Star Trek: The Next Generation with outfits from the era and the ability to pilot the iconic Enterprise NCC-1701D.

The gameplay’s been balanced accordingly to match the extra power of the 1701D, and a new role called “Operations” is replacing the engineering position while giving players greater control over ship buffs and managing the rest of your crew.

Players will encounter new enemy types in the DLC, including the Romulans and Borg, as well as Patrol and Resistance game modes. Patrol will see you exploring the vastness of space while answering distress calls and other random encounters, whereas Resistance –

Offers more frenetic gameplay, as you and your crew are chased by the seemingly unstoppable Borg Cube and must collect three prototype ship modules before you’re able to face the Borg head-on and expect any chance of success.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew The Next Generation is coming to PlayStation VR on May 22 and Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality on July 21. If you still haven’t picked up Bridge Crew but want to start catching up before the new DLC hits, the PlayStation Store is currently offering 60% off for a final price of $ 19.99 instead of $ 49.99.

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