One of the most celebrated indie gaming releases in recent years, Stardew Valley will arrive on mobile later this month — available for iOS on Oct. 24th and coming to the Google Play Store sometime later.

What is Stardew Valley?

If you’ve never heard of or played Stardew Valley before, it’s basically a farming simulator built atop a robust 16-bit open-ended RPG that lets you play and develop your character and farm as you choose. The story begins with your character’s arrival in Pelican Town, where you have decided to take over your grandfather’s simple family farm.

What makes Stardew Valley such a joy to play is the freedom granted to the player to make the game your own. If you focus on building up your farm, the game is mostly about crop and resource management, which will certainly scratch a certain itch for mobile gamers given how popular that genre of RPG is on mobile — but with Stardew Valley, there’s so much more for the player to explore.

Between planting and harvesting your fields, you can work to level up your character’s skills with different tools by going fishing or foraging in the woods, head to town to socialize and build relationships with the townsfolk (and even get married, if you chose), or go off on a more traditional combat-based RPG adventure complete with quests to complete and monster-infested mines to explore.

Is this the full game or a version that’s “enhanced for mobile”?

According to the developer’s blog post, mobile gamers can expect the full version of Stardew Valley on their phones, albeit without the co-op multiplayer available on PC and console editions. The only differences are the expected changes to the UI, which have been rebuilt for touchscreens to include tweaked menus and newly designed touch controls.

Will I be able to transfer over my farm from the PC version?

Yes, you will reportedly be able to transfer your Stardew Valley progress from the Windows, MacOS, or Linux versions of the game, although if you’ve played the game with mods applied you might find some compatibility issues when transferring your data over.

When is it coming to Android?

No date has been set for an Android release, but the iOS version is coming on October 24, so we’ll get a good sense of how well the game plays on mobile before it hits the Google Play Store.

The iOS version of Stardew Valley is available to preorder for $ 7.99 with no in-app purchases, and we’ll expect similar pricing once the game comes to Android.

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